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Contact Lenses for Northeast Arkansas

See Your World Unobstructed

Glasses are a miraculous invention. Just slip on a pair and an entire world of possibility opens to you. However, glasses aren’t for everyone. If you find yourself worrying about the aesthetic or stylistic complication of wearing something on your face, you might want to consider contacts.
Contact lenses are small pieces of plastic that you can insert on top of your pupil, providing vision correction. They work much like glasses, without any of the constraints associated with glasses care. They make for excellent vision tools for people on the go. Slip them in and then see for the rest of the day with relatively few hassles.
Image of an eye glass

Buy the Brands That Work Best

At St. Pierre Eye Care, we know that you care about the quality of the products you get. That’s why we dedicate so many of our resources to harnessing the brands that count the most.
After years in this business, we’ve found that Acuvue and Air Optix provide our customers with the best possible services. With specific models of lenses that cover conditions ranging from astigmatism and dry eyes to long-term wear and multifocal needs, we know that these brands will cover any and all of your vision conditions.

Caring for Your Contact Lenses

Even though they have less to worry about than glasses, contact lenses still have their own needs. Consider the complications involved in keeping them clean. You’re going to need to soak them regularly in contact solution in order to keep them moist and free from buildup. Dry contacts are more prone to tearing and bacterial infections, which can be devastating for your eyes.
Meanwhile, you’re going to need to keep track of which eye each contact lens goes into, as well as your activities throughout the day. Water sports risk washing the lens right out of your eye, so you’ll need to take them out before getting in the water. You’ll also want to keep some solution on hand in case your eyes dry out during the day.

Secure Your Eyesight on Your Terms

There are few inventions quite as convenient and handy as contact lenses. As wonderful as glasses can be, they can get in the way or get damaged if you’re not careful.
Consult with our clinic today to see if you qualify for contact lenses. They’re just one examination away.